so sad to hear about robin williams passing away. true legend. R.I.P

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6 days ago, paul walker left us. and today, one of the biggest souls the world has ever met left us as well. rest in peace nelson mandela. what you have done for this world will not be forgotten.

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Paige Hareb

Dane Gudauskas

Tiago Pires

Pauline Ado, by: Roxy


Noah Beschen
always a champ, always a king, always a legend. ai forever
tiago pires’s face show us how sad it was to see andy go. this was in the andy irons memorial paddleout 
thank you for the surf, thank you for the wins, thank you for being an inspiration for every grom out there, thank you for changing the surfing world, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING KING! R.I.P ANDY IRONS
exactly 2 years ago, this wonderful man was taken way from us. one of everyone’s biggest inspirations, andy irons isn’t dead. he lives in our minds and hearts, and that’s something anyone can’t take. can’t describe how much we all miss him in the surfing world. remember, legends can’t die. r.i.p andy you’ll never be forgotten <3
andy. legend forever
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