malia vs carissa
ph: rita neves
north pacific
ph: peter taras
da banzai
ph: brent bielmann
hard to see, but, here’s simpo getting in da zone
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playa negra
ph: shawn grant
toledo show
ph: pedro barros pereira
matt lopez
ph: peter taras
kelly in france
ph: gael le hir
ace yesterday going out for his round 2 heat
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stephanie drawing lines at bafureira
ph: rita neves
ph: rui oliveira
nate yeomans aka superman
ph: corey wilson
malia at bafureira
ph: rita neves
it’s true what they say. pictures do look better on camera than when you put them into the computer
ph: surf4living
gabriel | france
ph: indrowski grégory
Portugal Flag Orb