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2014 - Vans US Open of Surfing
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gawd, i cannot wait

Incoming. vansusopenofsurfing.com

if you usually go to the us open of surfing, you’ll want to read this. no more live music.

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malia | us open
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malia was only 14 when she won the us open of surfing. she became the youngest ever to do it, a record that remains today. posting this because she replied to me on twitter this morning. i was so stoked. it’s not everyday that one of biggest inspirations replies to you
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your first billabong rio pro finalist mr kolohe andino. his first ever final after smashing the 11x world champion kelly slater. hope he goes all the way. 
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julian wilson back in 08 | us open of surfing
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adam durrant aka julian wilson
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I have finally reached the end of my Jr. year in college! This calls for a celebration post. Here is professional surfer Carissa Moore of @hurleywomen taking some time for herself before her semi final heat that the 2013 US Open of Surfing. 
your first bells finalist, carissa moore. (i think sally was underscored though)
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lakey peterson, us open. throwback
ph: corey wilson
gabriel. bananas.
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jordy frothing like a grom
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nat goes vert
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ph: r.w.heald
Portugal Flag Orb