us open flare with taylor clark
ph: mythungoc
jordy smith
ph: blueskyoveraquatic
malia, us open of surfing
ph: 45surf
ph: corey wilson
young, us open of surfing
ph: elfidomx
malia, us open of surfing
ph: tammy tam
jordy, hb
ph: elfidomx
brother, hb
alejo on his way to victory at hb
courtney conlogue
asp world tour ranking
surfer: lakey peterson
roxy pro gold coast finished: 3rd
did you see that maneuver she did during this event? dane reynolds style. a perfect landed and exciting reversed top turn. excepting big things from this lady in the future. and i’m pretty sure i won’t take her out of my fantasy surfer team. just saying. m
asp world tour rankings
surfer: alejo muniz
quiksilver pro gold coast finished: 25th
had my money on him because snapper fits alejo better than any other wave. he’s so good and has so much style, but i guess it didn’t happen for him this time. he was taken down by fellow brazilian miguel pupo in round 2
pupo, us open 2012
photo: jimmicane
dane reynolds, us open of surfin 2012
photo: jimmicane
photo: jimmicane
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