medina getting fired up before throwing fireworks
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victorious van dijk
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Tyler Wright

van dijk
ph: brandon seal
gabriel medina showing you the inside of a tahitian barrel
video: X aspworldtour
all style by the world number 1, gabriel medina
ph: ben thouard
brisa hennessy, at only 14 years old, is already described as the next carissa moore
ph: mike curley
alves | bali
ph: rip curl
alana blanchard
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gabriel medina is stoked
ph: rip curl
you didn’t do as good as you wanted but you made your people proud. life’s filled with 2nd chances
ph: mick curley
Maryanne Parkinson: Congratulations! What’s your favourite type of training other than surfing to get ready for an event?
Tyler Wright: Eating pizza & ice cream
congrats to tyler on her epic run. i can tell you she’s an epic human being, the coolest pro surfer i have ever met. party girl
ph: michael lallande
nikki climbs the wall
ph: michael lallande
ph: 45surf
Portugal Flag Orb