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Daniel Wilson , Cape Town, South Africa. Photo: Greg Chapman
mexico freedom with jack freestone
ph: quinnmatthewsphotography

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gabriel medina showing you the inside of a tahitian barrel
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jack freestone | mexico
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“There is no better feeling than getting another person stoked on surfing. Truly, it does not bum me out that there are more surfers in the water these days. It just means that I have to get up earlier in the morning.” - Shaun Tomson
California, circa 1970. Photo: Jeff Divine

Jay and I go back, way the fuck back. My First published photo was a full page subscription ad for SkateBoarder magazine. I took the photo when I was 14, Jay the belligerent “Radical Little Rat” was 15. Jay often rememberd it as his first published photo too — it actually wasn’t but he remembered it that way, which was always funny to me. It was very flattering. We were kids and we thought we knew everything, like most kids do. I found out about this pool near the Kenter Canyon School yard, borrowed a 35mm camera, invited Jay and PC to come and I’d take some photos. That’s where the documented history of Jay and I started. Over the years we would travel around the southern California basin to skate spots, parties and punk gigs. Jay was the youngest of the original Zephyr crew and I was a year and a month younger than him. I’ve witnessed some pretty incredible shit around him, both positive and negative, he was a wild one that’s for sure. 
Jay was no slouch, he often surprised me, and others, with his brilliance on and off his board. Even though he was one of the most out of control motherfuckers, he would do some wild shit, and then, could hit you with some science that would have you asking yourself, “Where the fuck did that come from?”. Although he didn’t always act that way, Jay was smart. He was no doubt one of my favorite all time subjects to shoot, he was an inspiration to me and countless others of his generation, and generations to follow. Jay Boy’s legacy and inspiration will forever be unparalleled in the art/sport of skateboarding. When you look at Jay you have to think of the personification of all the DogTown stories that Craig Stecyk wrote and all the DogTown photos that I took: All we were trying to do was capture Jay Adams’ essence. He was really fucked up crazy, and he was really incredibly great, all at the same time. For so many, he was the inspiration, he was the seed. He was one of the originators,and he didn’t do any of it on purpose. He was as spontaneous as they come, and because of that he was one of the sport’s great revolutionaries.


rest in paradise, adams
sense of freedom
ph: tim kothlow

Mexico | Pentax 67

ugh, mexico i love you
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Colin Moran the other morning.
car wash by manuel
ph: brandon seal
blake mcdonald

Oregon coast.
Portugal Flag Orb