mexican sunset
ph: ronnie wiggin
patty g
ph: shawn parkin
i had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite surf photographers, ricardo bravo, who’s also my neighbor. after contacting him via e-mail, he invited me to help him do some prep work for the rip curl pro portugal starting in 2 week. 
what you see in the picture is an iphone charger personalized with kolohe’s name. there’s one for every surfer on tour. i’ll post a picture of the full work when it comes out 
laura enever
ph. 45surf
das john, in france
ph: chde
ph. pal britton
anthony walsh | hour H
ph. ben thouard

Craig Anderson at Dbah, Australia. This was the day I met Craig, as well as my first time shooting him. It took 4 hours of swimming against wicked currents, clouds of sea lice, jellyfish and the ever-changing sandbars to finally lineup for this shot. When Surfer Magazine ran it, it was my first double page spread, making it all worth it :)

Traffic jam…
2014 Quik Pro France Round 1 Highlights HERE
Surfers | Kelly Slater (above) Matt Wilkinson (below)
Photo | aspworldtour

Kolohe Andino and the laser focus that has propelled him into the top ten this year Photo - Trevor Morgan

Liquid world. 
filmed by: Russo
ph: 45surf
ph: gregoire gyselinck
bruce irons
ph: ted grambeau
Portugal Flag Orb